7 Wonders of the Ancient World

                                  ..::Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus::..

  The Mausoleum is very similar to the Great Pyramid of Giza, but very different. It still was a tomb for the dead king. But what makes two tomb’s so special to both be on the wonders list?


  In the city of Bodrum

(a.k.a Halicarnassus) in



  Another name for the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus is the Tomb of Mausolus, this tomb was built for the King of Turkey for when he died. Mausolus decided to build a new capital, a city as safe from capture as it was beautiful to be seen. He chose the city of Halicarnassus. If Mausolus’ ships blocked the small channel, they could keep every enemy warships out. He started to make Halicarnassus a place fit for a warrior prince. His workmen deepened the cities harbor and used the excess sand to make protective breakwaters in front of the channel. On the land they paved the streets and courtyards, and built lots of houses for ordinary towns people. On one side of the harbor, they made a huge fortified castle for Mausolus, positioned to have clear sea views and views of the hills and inland.

In the land, they also built walls and watchtowers, a

Greek style theatre and a temple to Ares, the

Greek God of War.

Artemisia (Mausolus’ wife & sister) spent a enormous

amount of tax money to make the city beautiful.

They made statues, temples and buildings that were

all made of marble. In the middle of the city

Artemisia planned to make a tomb for her body and

her husbands, after they died. It would be a tomb

that would show our rich they where, this is where

the 5
th Wonder of the Ancient World came into the



  When the Persians expanded their kingdom to include Mesopotamia, Northern India, Syria, Egypt and Asia Minor, the King couldn’t control the places he ruled because it was too much, so with the help of local governors and rulers they where able to rule the King’s empire. Like heaps of other provinces, the kingdom of Caria in western Asia Minor (Turkey) was so far away from the Persian capital that it was basically autonomous. From 377 – 253 BC, king Mausollos of Caria became very powerful and moved his capital all the way to Halicarnassus. Nothing is fun about Maussollos’ life apart from the building of his tomb. The project was thought of by his wife and sister, the building of it started during the King’s lifetime. The Mausoleum was completed around 350 BC, three years after the king died.

For 16,000 years the Mausoleum was in good condition until and earthquake caused a bit of damage to the roof and colonnade. In the early 15th Century, the Knights of St John of Malta invaded the region and built a giant crusader castle. When they decided to build it in 1497, they used stones from the Mausoleum. By 1522, almost every stone was used for building.

Now, the huge castle still stands, the beautifully polished stones and marble blocks from the Mausoleum can be spotted within the walls.

What is it?

  The Mausoleum is a tomb, its

like the

Pyramids of Egypt. It housed


dead king of Turkey, until the tomb got

pulled apart. This tomb was very different

to the pyramids, the pyramids where made

of stone and sand, the Mausoleum is made of

stone and marble it was decorated with gold

and was more beautiful than the pyramids.


  This building was rectangular in plan, with

bottom dimensions of around 40 m by 30 m. On

top of the base was a stepped podium and on

both sides decorated with statues. The burial chamber and

the coffin was decorated with gold and were found on the

podium and surrounded by Ionic columns. The colonnade

supported a pyramid roof which was decorated with

beautiful statues. Another beautiful state of a chariot

pulled by four large horses sat on top of the building.

The total height building was 45 m. The podium was 20 m,

12 m for the colonnade, 7 m for the pyramid and 6 m for

the chariot statue.

The magnificence isn’t only in the building, its mostly in

the decorations and statues that were on the building.